Monday, June 25, 2012

Z80 serial products

ZiLOG was co-found by the industry pioneer Federico Faggin and Ralph Ungermann in 1974.The Z80 serial products produced by this company was once widely applied. In 1998, TPG(The Texas Pacific Group ) acquired ZiLOG and decided its market positioning:communication, household entertainment, and integrated control. Currently, ZiLOG has its own dedicated design reference room with complete documents and information, four design center located respectively in California, Taxes, Idahos and Washington,  well developed manufacture plants in Idaho, a test plant in Manila, Philippines and the global customer service center in Texas. Now it owns 27 sale office  and over 120 distribution  spot s world wide distributed. The new released product by this company is eZ80 with the Internet and DSP function embedded which the Z80 does not have. Its products include IR product, microcontroller, microprocessor , PCMCIA, PC peripheral, TV controller and wireless products and so on.